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About Us

Welcome to the UKSN Community Hub

Whether you are new to the 'wilderness' or already an avid outdoorsman (or woman) - the UKSN is for people who embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

From camping and adventurous activities, to bushcraft and beyond - we are a family friendly, community led organisation that is dedicated to sharing our collective knowledge and love for the outdoors!

The UKSN is also passionate about honing survival skills and techniques that will allow you to overcome whatever life throws your way. 

Join the UKSN

Why Should I Join the UKSN?

If you want to make new friends, learn/share skills and take part in events, camps and activities - the UKSN is for you!

We also offer a range of incredible benefits including:

1000's of Discounts on Your Favourite Brands

Unlock an amazing benefits platform, granting paid UKSN members, and up to 5 family members access to thousands of discounts, online courses, financial assistance plus health and wellbeing advice.

Enhanced Comms

With UKSN membership*, you are granted access to our radio licence**. This allows you to communicate to local members***, without ever requiring a Foundation Radio Licence.

* Advanced membership or above required **UHV/VHF radio required ***Location & conditions dependent 

UKSN Community Hub Access

In partnership with Mighty Networks, unlock our brand new Community Hub offering a single digital location that allows you to chat with likeminded members, make new friends, learn, plus much more.

Regular Competitions & Raffles

Take part in regular competitions and raffles to win a wide range of goodies! From mystery boxes, to vouchers for your favourite outdoor retailers!

Yearly Social Camps

Why not join us for one of our many family friendly social camps based at Rough Close Scout Campsite (Coventry). Meet your fellow UKSN members, relax by the campfire, and take part in a range of activities throughout the weekend.

What Makes the UKSN Special?

  • The UKSN is community led organisation, primarily run by volunteers.
  • Any profits generated from membership are reinvested, further enhancing the UKSN community, its goals and projects.
  • The UKSN has a fully formed constitution and code of conduct. We also have both anti bullying and child protection policies in place that we expect all members to adhere to at all times. These core documents form the backbone of UKSN, ensuring that our community remains a safe environment for all members.
  • The TRIBE Team hold Advance DBS certificates for your complete piece of mind. We also run checks on any volunteer that may 'work' with children at officially organised events or camps.    

  • We hold a radio licence from OFCOM that allows members to communicate, without requiring a personal licence.

  • The UKSN is one of a small number of organisations to hold a Camping and Caravan Exemption Certificate in England, Scotland and Wales. This enables us to operate campsites for sole use by our members. It additionally grants us permission to Issue certificates to sites allowing them to operate under UKSN's guidance without needing planning permission or to apply for change of use for the land.    

  • The UKSN has a Small Society Lottery Licence allowing us to legally hold raffles and lotteries.

  • We operate P1AN – the official store of the UKSN which sells a range of UKSN merchandise, personalised gifts, and other related goodies! The store even helps contribute to the UKSN's overall operating costs, so don't forget to visit regularly.      

  • UKSN is both a trademark and a trading name of a registered LIMITED Company. This allows us to comply with relevant law and ensure we pay tax on anything we owe. Although technically LTD, UKSN operates like a community organisation.

  •  The UKSN is proudly based in the United Kingdom.

A Huge Thank You

A huge thank you goes to our supporters, sponsors, members, volunteers and everyone who makes UKSN possible. We salute you!